This is me in my fishing environment. Alto Chiese - Trentino - italy

Twait shads, beautiful and powerful twait shads.

Salt water fish that swims upstream in the river Po to reproduce in the river Taro, a small tributary that originates in the Emilia Apennines and then crosses the Parma plain.

Here I was taught fly fishing, starting from the challenge with these migrant fishes who bring the strenght of the sea to the heart of Valpadana.

Then the real water came, and with it the love that lasts a lifetime.

The Adige, the Chiese, the Sarca, graylings, brown trouts, chars, marble trouts and there was enough to lose my head. One find themselves in a fantastic world of clear waters to chase up to the feet of the glaciers, transported by an insatiable desire to discover what is hidden behind each stone, what will rise tomorrow, what will hatch under the May sun and between the drops of September's rains.

Fly fishing is living the water, it is a good life. It is the technical ability to launch, to know how to help the rod to offer the fly to the fish. To know the insects, to read the big and small currents, to understand the holes and to concentrate on the real world, because there is nothing but truth in fly fishing world.

It is one of the few authentic things.

There is only us, the water and the fish. If we read the water well and throw the right bait well, we catch the fish. There are no tricks, shortcuts or preferences: it is pure reality; because in fly fishing, as in no other fishing, the consequences of our choiches are tackled immediately and it is for this immediate, brutal sincerity that I fell in love with it.

This is me at the vise, in my fly shop at Bussolengo (VR) Italy

Fly tying... I started with the desire to try the subtle satisfaction that I saw in the eyes of my teacher when he caught a twait chad with something of his own. To be able to get that little dose of extra pride that comes from knowing how to be fully successful in my fly fishing: the casting, the waiting, the sight of a big fish inhaling my fly, the fighting and the releasing.

As in all craft activities, it takes little to understand how to do it and it takes a lifetime to understand how to do it well.

Then there is only practice, so much daily practice that maybe after hundreds flies you could realize that there is a new aspect to consider. Fix the hook, pass the thread, apply the dubbing, chose the feather, create the fly, finish it, and fix another hook: there are no shortcuts.

It is a slow process of learning through repetition: you can do it a thousands times just to find out that there's always room for improvement.

The aspect that fascinates me most in building is to see how the continuous evolution of moder fly tying materials is combined with the use of exquisitely natural raw materials, such as feathers with tungsten or foam with deer hair.
In this I see a lot of the spirit of modern fly fishing: living the contact with nature through technology, the favorite daughter of the human mind.

The production is artisanal and I can therefore make custom-made dressings. Just a phone call, a message on Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram or an email is enough to start a project.

+39 349 68 54 397

Via degli Scaligeri 16/B 37012 Bussolengo (VR) Italy